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Welcome To Anitha Metals and Kitchenwares

With pleasure Anitha Metals and Kitchenware present our new venture at Chennai. With the experience of facilitating Madurai for about 3 decades with our quality products, we have set our foot in Chennai with the motive of satisfying consumers. We have the same as well as distinct product base ensuring the grade.

We provide a Classy Range of Kitchenware Supplies, Cookware Accessories (both Aluminium and Stainless Steel), Hotelware Products, Household Items, Canteen and Catering Supplies, Kitchen Equipments & Cooking Utensils in Chennai and Madurai.           

Our extensive range of products offer complete table top solutions to the hospitality industry. Our products like crockery, cutlery, glassware and accessories, are specifically designed and manufactured for use in the food service industry. We offer handpicked, world class products and the assurance provided by extensive investments in local inventory, thus guaranteeing continuity of supply and service levels.

 We aim to surpass the expectations of every customer in our industry by offering product ranges that are suited to every type of hospitality environment.

Our Clients

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