Fabricated Kitchen Equipments

Our Products / Fabricated Kitchen Equipments
Working Table With Sink
Working Table With Overshelf
Working Table With Back Slas
Working Table (Top / Mid / Bottom )
Working Table With Single Stove
8 Seater Table
Table ( U Model )
3 Unit Sink
Garden Sink
Dish Landing Table
Food Waste Pickup Trally

Masala Trally

Food Trally

2 Layer Trally
Tub Trally
Food Service Trolly
Wash Basin ( Standing )
Wash Basin ( Wall Mount )
Rack ( 4 Tier )
Plate Rack
Cash Counter Table
Cash Counter With Table
Tea Stall With Sink

Tea Stall

Juice Stall
Juice Stall With Fruit Display
Juice Stall With Sink
Frame Without Top

Frame With SS Top
Chat Display Counter
Cooking Range Double With Backslas
3 Burner Cooking Range

Dosa Tawa Range
Vada Stall ( Bend Glass )
Vada Stall Straight
Standing Table ( Round )

Standing Table ( Square )
Sitting Table
SS Hotcase ( Round ) With Overshelf
Briyani Dum Stove
Briyani Dum Warmer (Electric)
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