Hotelware Items

Our Products / Hotelware Items
SS Thali Plates
SS Square Dosa 5 Part Plate
SS Square Bhojan 5 Part Plate
SS Square 3 Part Plate
SS Square Mini Tiffen Plate
SS Small Plates

Thaliplate Set ( SS )

Maharaja Thaliplate ( SS )
SS Kumcha
Kattori Bowls
Thaliplate Set ( Copper )
Chombu & Tumbler (Copper)
Sigri Stand ( Copper )
Salt & Pepper ( Copper & Brass )
Coffee Dabara Set ( SS / Brass / Copper )
Water Jug & Tumbler (Copper)
Nut Bowl ( Semi Copper )

Pickle Set ( Copper )

Curry Bowl ( Copper )
Service Uruli, Bucket, Kadai Hammered ( Copper )
Brass Coffee Filter
Plastic / Melamine / Acrylic Plates ( Round )
Plastic / Melamine / Ceramic Bowls
Plastic / Melamine / Ceramic Soup Bowls
Tea Pot ( Ceramic )
Platters ( Melamine / Acrylic / Ceramic )
Salt & Pepper ( Ceramic )
Sigri Stand ( SS )
SS Curry Bowls
Service Handi
Service Handi (Semi Copper)
Salt & Pepper Set ( SS )
Masala Box ( SS )
Bill Stand
Multipurpose Mugs ( SS )
Water Jug ( SS )
SS Nut Bowl
Water Glasses
Pickle Set
Butter Dish
Water Jug ( PC )
Menu & Bill Folders

Menu & Rate Tag Holder (SS)

SS Scoops
Chinese Kadai & Laddles
Crab Cutter
Boonthi Laddu Jarani
Meat Hammer ( Aluminium )

SS Napkin Holder

Squeeze Bottles
Anti Skid Tray
SS Basin
SS Service Trays ( Square )
SS Sign Boards
Rice Pot
Soap Oil Dispencer
Plastic Storage Containers
Chef Coat
Snack Warmer ( SS )
GN Pans
Fruit / Non Roti Basket (SS)
Fruit / Non Roti Basket (Bamboo)
Fruit / Non Roti Basket (Poly Ratan)
Tandoori Pots
Tandoor With Timer (Electric)
Barbeque Stove SML ( Iron )
Barbeque Stove SML (Copper)
Barbeque Stove ( Table Top Barrel )
Cheffing Dish Square ( Roll Top )
Cheffing Dish Round ( Roll Top )
Cheffing Dish Round
Cheffing Dish Square
Cylinder Shawarma
Cylinder Shawarma With Rack
Cylinder Shawarma Table Top
Ice Cream Machine ( SS )
Deep Freezer
Water Dispencer
Preethi Xpro Duo Mixie
Hand Dryer
Vegitable Cutting Machine
Insect Killer
Dough Sheeter
Commercial Heavy Mixie
Juice Dispencer Double (Small)
Ceral Dispencer Double (Manual)
Juice Dispencer Double (Electric)
Juice Dispencer Double (Big)
Tea & Coffee Filter

Tea Brewer
Coffee Maker
Coffee & Hotwater Maker
Milk & Hot Boiler

Hot Water Boiler
Egg Kulfi Machine ( Ele / Gas )
Garlic Peeling Machine
Griddle Plate ( Electric )
Hand Operated Juicer (Motor Option)
Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate Melter Triple
Cone Waffle Maker
Waffle Maker Double
Ice Cube Machine
Pancake Machine
Crepe Machine
Popcorn Machine
Popcorn Machine With Gas
Corn Steamer
Conveyor Toaster
Soup Warmer ( SS )
Citrus Juicer ( Electric )
Sandwich Griller Double
Quail Egg Machine ( Ele / Gas )

Bread Toaster
Sign Board ( Led )
Waffle Maker Single
Plate Warmer
Soda Maker
Spoon Strelizer (Electric)
SS Chairs
Blow Torch & Gas
Floor Rubber Mat
Hotcase GN Pan Counter
SS Service Trally
Dish Landing Table
Plate Rack
Platform Trolly
Chimney Work
Gas Pipe Line Work
Hood Ducting Work
Steam Boiler Unit
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